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Frequently asked questions

About the app

This app is for use by staff at hospitality and mass entertainment venues. It allows them to verify the COVID vaccination status of members of the public who want to enter their premises.

There is a different app to display your personal COVID vaccination record. Go to the NHS Scotland COVID Status app to download and display your COVID vaccination details.

Google play store
Apple app Store

No, this app is for venue staff to scan and verify the COVID vaccination status of members of the public who want to enter their premises

A different mobile app is available for members of the public to store and display their COVID vaccination status. You can download it from Google or Apple.

If you are unable to use the app, you can request a PDF or a letter showing your COVID vaccination status from NHS Inform

The official NHS Scotland COVID Check app is a secure way to verify an individual's NHS Scotland COVID Status. Use the app to scan a QR code provided by your customer. This will allow you check that they have been fully vaccinated against COVID-19.

Initially, the app will only scan COVID vaccination certificates issued by UK authorities. Further developments will allow the scanning of certificates issued by a range of foreign countries.

The app has been designed to be as simple as possible. It does not:

  • ask you to register or provide personal information to download, install or operate the app
  • track your location and/or who you have been with (see how we use your data for further information)
  • share any information with other agencies, e.g. Police Scotland
  • store any customer data or details

Using the app

The app needs your permission to access the following on your device:

Camera - the app uses your device's camera to scan QR codes. If you do not grant this permission then the app will not work.

Internet - the app requires access to the internet to do 2 things. First, to receive updates to the app itself. Second, to update 'public keys'. These are the data files which allow the app to decode QR codes and verify that they were issued by a trusted authority. It is important to keep the app up to date. If you have disabled the auto-update of apps on your device, regularly check for updates on your app store and manually download the latest version.

The app will scan COVID certificates in the following format:

  • displayed NHS Scotland COVID status app
  • on the official letter provided by NHS Inform
  • PDF's printed at home or displayed on screen which are downloaded from the NHS Inform website

As the COVID Check app will be available in the Google or Apple app store, a member of the public can or might download it.

Results displayed by the app

Citizens who have had only one of their 2 scheduled vaccinations are considered 'partially vaccinated'. The app will not display a green tick and will instead display 'Status invalid'. Status invalid will also display when a the QR code relating to the first of a citizen's two completed vaccination events is scanned. In such instances, users of the NHS Scotland COVID Check app should ask the individual to display the QR code relating to their second vaccination event.

This means that the date of expiry of the COVID vaccination certificate has passed.

This means that a QR code has been scanned which is not recognised as a COVID vaccination certificate.

This response is displayed when the QR code is not valid.


Follow these links Google play store OR Apple app store. OR search Google Play Store or the Apple App Store for 'NHS Scotland Covid' and select the app called NHS Scotland Covid Check. 

The app may occasionally have difficulty focusing on a QR code in:

  • low light conditions
  • on a paper form
  • cases where the QR code is obscured through creasing or staining

Yes, the app will scan photos of QR codes and also screenshots of sufficient image quality.

At the moment, there are no plans to encode anything other than COVID vaccination status in QR codes.

We recommend scanning QR codes from the NHS Scotland COVID Status app . If you are scanning a QR code from a PDF or from a letter issued by NHS Inform then you may find that the app has difficulty scanning for the following reasons:

  • PDF not zoomed enough
  • low light conditions
  • paper crumpled or stained resulting in QR code being obscured
  • low battery on your device
  • you may be running an older version of Android or iOS, its important to use the latest operating system for optimal effectiveness
  • the app requires to use the latest public keys to decode QR codes, you may have disabled auto-updating of apps on your device, if so, you should manually check for any app updates

If the COVID Check app does not work, please delete the application and reinstall it. You might need to update software on your mobile device too.

It is important to use the latest version of the app. The simplest way to ensure you have the latest version is to delete the app and reinstall. Alternatively, you can check to see if an update is available by following the instructions for Android devices or for Apple devices.

Help stop the virus. Download the app today.

By using the NHS Scotland COVID Check app, alongside existing public health and contact tracing measures, you can help to stop the spread of the virus in Scotland.

If we all play our part, we can all help protect ourselves, our families and Scotland against coronavirus.

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