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Guidance for venues

The documentation on this page was updated on October 19 2021. Please update the Covid check app to the latest version to ensure a consistent experience with the guidance below.

Toolkit for businesses and event organisers

Businesses and event organisers can download and print this toolkit document which provides instructions on how to check COVID Vaccination Certificates that are presented by members of the public. It also includes examples of certificates you may be presented with.

Using the latest version of the app

It is important to use the latest version of the app. The simplest way to ensure you have the latest version is to delete the app and reinstall. Alternatively, you can check to see if an update is available by following the instructions for Android devices or for Apple devices.

Data protection guidance for venues

We have created this guidance for venues where the NHS Scotland COVID Check app will be used.  It describes the responsibilities venues have in relation to using the app and managing the data belonging to members of the public that they will be viewing.

Privacy notice template

Venues are required to display a privacy notice in areas where the app will be used. This will help members of the public understand the purpose of the data processing that will be done by the app and provide assurance about how their personal data will be safeguarded by the venue staff. We have produced this privacy notice template. It should be completed with your own venue’s details, printed off and displayed so that members of the public attending events can understand the purpose of data processing that will be done by the app. Venues are at liberty to display this in a different format but the basic provisions should remain unchanged.

Privacy information posters

We have provided the posters below in A4 and A3 format that you can display at your venue to help members of the public attending to understand how their data will be used:

Privacy policy

The app itself has its own privacy policy, if you wish to understand how it protects the privacy of both users of the app and the individuals whose QR codes are scanned then you can read the privacy policy.

Help stop the virus. Download the app today.

By using the NHS Scotland COVID Check app, alongside existing public health and contact tracing measures, you can help to stop the spread of the virus in Scotland.

If we all play our part, we can all help protect ourselves, our families and Scotland against coronavirus.

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